Working Groups

Access to GivingTuesday’s Data Commons is offered to sector stakeholders through a variety of Working Groups, which are convened around what have been identified as important focus areas for a shared approach to research. These groups meet to impart latest findings and observations, discuss barriers and obstacles, and identify opportunities to advance common goals through joint research and shared data.


The key intentions of our Working Groups include:

  • Driving real results that positively impact the social sector.

  • Setting research agendas which guide collaborative efforts.

  • Creating processes, relationships, and solutions that prevent the duplication of research efforts and enhance efficiency, saving stakeholders time and energy.

  • Challenging received wisdom that stifles innovation, integrating learning, and affecting change.

  • Supporting transparency, capacity-building, and the generation of new knowledge.

  • Making available free knowledge products such as publications, bulletins, and briefs.

  • Offering unparalleled networking opportunities in a unique action-oriented international community.

GivingTuesday is committed to a collaboration environment where our stakeholders feel included, valued, and heard. We support diversity and encourage participation in our Working Groups from individuals of all backgrounds, including Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and persons with disabilities.


GivingTuesday Working Groups are each centered around a specific research theme.

Our Workplace Giving Working Group was founded in 2021. Its objective is to identify drivers of giving behavior from both institutions and individuals, and to analyze Workplace and Employee Giving programs to better understand their potential for growth.

Our Crowdfunding Working Group was founded in 2021. Its purpose is to focus intentionally on evidence in the evaluation of crowdfunding platforms and the role they play in the charitable sector, as well as on key motivators for how and why donors contribute to crowdfunding campaigns. 

Our Impact Measurement Working Group was founded in 2020. It seeks opportunities to learn from impact data about the allocation of funds in the social sector and to fill in existing gaps in knowledge and practice.

Conflict and Crisis, a subdivision of this group, was founded in 2022. It considers a variety of means by which generosity can be mobilized and channeled during times of crisis.

To get involved with any of these groups or to request more information, or to suggest a new group theme, please contact Kelsey Kramer at


Who can join a Working Group?

Our stakeholders include professionals from the social sector, corporate groups that support giving, academics and members of the research community, as well as policy makers, journalists, and interested members of the public.

When do Working Groups convene?

Convening dates vary from year to year. Stakeholders are advised well in advance once a convening is scheduled to take place.

Where do Working Groups convene?

Convenings happen both virtually and in person, with specific locations varying from year to year.

Who decides the research direction of a Working Group?

GivingTuesday works with Working Group members, partners, and supporters to scope out and execute research projects aimed at answering questions related to the Working Group’s theme. Examples of such questions include: “Can we define the factors and relationships that support societal resilience?”; “Can we predict and foster necessary relationships in advance?”; and “Can we foresee issues and blockages that might jeopardize these networks?”

Why join a Working Group?

No one else is doing what we’re doing at the scale we’re doing it at. If you are passionate about building the capacity and resilience of the social sector, join us today and help change the world!

I don’t understand the connection between Working Groups and GivingTuesday. Can you explain?

GivingTuesday is simultaneously an annual event, a global generosity movement, and a non-profit organization. Where Working Groups are concerned, GivingTuesday – the organization – acts as a neutral third-party bridge builder, aiming to tackle long-standing issues to build a more resilient social sector.

Are there any fees involved to join a Working Group?

Absolutely not. You can sign up to join a Working Group for free by contacting Kelsey Kramer at

May I suggest a new Working Group theme?

Yes, absolutely! Please contact Kelsey Kramer at