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The Workplace Giving Working Group brings together leaders from a wide range of organizations seeking to bring more generosity into the workplace. Members of this group convene to identify methods for amplifying the effect of workplace giving campaigns, providing more agency to employees in the giving process, and ultimately creating better outcomes for beneficiaries, employees, and employers alike.

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Recent Activity and Updates

June 2021 Meeting - Follow up and Next Steps

On June 30th, GivingTuesday hosted the members of the Workplace Giving Working Group for a rousing working session. This meeting was dedicated to identifying knowledge gaps and research opportunities that will allow sector stakeholders to better understand the workplace giving landscape and inform new approaches to engaging donors in the workplace environment.

Throughout the session, working group members shared their experiences from the past year, exchanged insight from their personal observations and raised important questions about how to give current and potential workplace donors agency while providing them with the right opportunities to give.

Ultimately, the meeting’s goal was to specify and agree on research questions that could constitute a starting point for producing new knowledge in the area. These are the broad topics of research interest that emerged, around which we hope to build methodologies and start sourcing data and researchers. We would love to hear from leaders and organizations ready to participate.

  1. How can we foster a “culture of giving” in the workplace? The workplace occupies a prominent space in our lives. Determining how we can actively transform this space into a better forum for promoting giving behaviors could be pivotal in increasing the positive impact of workplace giving campaigns. What steps can be taken to instill generosity in a workplace’s culture? What are the right incentives for bringing external giving behavior into the workplace? To answer these questions we should study and explore:
    • Employee values
    • Employee giving inside the workplace vs. outside the workplace (distribution of donations, giving types, giving methods) and motivations for each
    • The profile of top givers in the workplace (demographics, attitudes, motivations)
    • Methods for tracking diverse types of giving through workplace giving platforms
    • Concerns about privacy/security and how to address them
    • The effect of senior leadership modeling
  2. How are changing societal trends and workplace configurations affecting workplace giving practices? The global pandemic has completely upended our understanding of the workplace, and will likely have a long term effect on its role in our lives. Other societal changes and labor trends, observed well before the pandemic struck, are also redefining the workplace. What is the effect of these shifts on workplace giving and how can this knowledge inform how we design workplace giving campaigns? Some approaches here include looking at:
    • How the gig economy has impacted the overall employee giving experience
    • How a more mobile workforce is impacting workplace giving efforts
    • Why younger employees aren’t giving
    • How quickly giving trends are reverting to pre-pandemic norms
    • How changes in workplace giving correlate to increasing levels of income inequality
    • How racial and social justice movements correlate to changes in workplace giving
    • The global impact of giving to small businesses.
  3. How can we demonstrate the triple benefit to employers, employees, and the social sector that workplace giving programs can provide? Ultimately, showing value (whether happiness, fulfillment, or profitability) for all stakeholders will be one of the keys to unlocking the potential of workplace giving. Surfacing insight about the positive impact of workplace giving programs, for all actors involved, is a necessary step in convincing employers to devote more resources to these programs. Approaches here include addressing questions like:
    • How does workplace giving impact corporate profitability?
    • How does a strong culture of giving in the workplace affect employee turnover?
    • To what extent does engagement in workplace giving foster a sense of connection and belonging in the workplace
  4. What best practices can we identify for employers to implement in order to encourage positive workplace giving outcomes? Employers and campaign designers need actionable insights that will help them build effective events and programs. Insight into the following questions could produce a huge return on efforts invested in research:
    • What was the effect of in-person events vs. online events and what does this tell us about how to invest resources in the future?
    • How can we best demonstrate the link between engagement (volunteering for example) and increases in other modes of giving (financial, for example)?
    • What is the right amount of cause/org choice to maximize engagement and participation? Is engagement or participation more important?
    • Does choice in mode of giving impact participation in workplace giving?
    • What is the best way to involve the charities and nonprofits benefiting from workplace giving campaigns?
    • What A/B test could we design to better shape campaigns?

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