Impact Measurement Working Group


As one of the largest working groups, the Impact Measurement Working Group is uniquely positioned to bring together diverse perspectives from nonprofit and community organizations, service providers, foundations, and sector-supporting social enterprises. These representatives meet to discuss one of the most fundamental questions of the nonprofit and philanthropy sector: how can we re-examine the role of impact measurement to ensure it serves beneficiaries and enables service providers to work more effectively? Members are interested in looking at impact measurement challenges from all angles, including capacity issues, disconnects between funders and service providers, incentives to compete rather than cooperate, and so much more!


This group has met multiple times to identify opportunities to learn about how data and technology can enable resourcefulness, and how to present evidence that drives giving behavior change from institutions and individuals. Convenings were held as follows:

  • 2020-03
  • 2021-03
  • 2022-09

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