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Our landmark survey on Giving in the USA. In 2021, we expanded this to include: giving types, giving structures, giving sentiment, and demographics.

In 2021, we ran the survey online with a sample size of n=5000 asking about behavior in the past 12 months. It contains information about respondents’ basic demographic profile, religiosity, and political affiliation. It measures if/how people give across four methods of giving: Money, Items, Time (volunteering), and Publicity (social capital). For each of these four types of giving, the survey enquires about the recipients of generosity, whether they give to registered charities, structured groups, or in an unstructured/informal context. The survey also contains questions about giving attitudes, whether they’ve donated blood, whether donations were solicited, whether they’ve made political contributions, proportion of monetary donations done locally/nationally/international, and what specific causes they have contributed to. It follows up on the 2020 Giving Survey, but it is quite a bit different in its 2021 iteration.

Projects, Assets, and Data
  • Raw SPSS survey files
  • Data dictionary
  • Survey methodology
  • Survey questionnaire
  • An interactive Looker Dashboard

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