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Humanitas is a Palo Alto-based social enterprise that leverages AI technology to help companies embed social impact programs into their business practices. Humanitas gives companies tools to connect their customers with highly-relevant, personal and local social impact opportunities to improve program outcomes.

GivingTuesday and Humanitas are united in their belief that the core data for defining and categorizing non-profits are a public good. They recognize however, that even the most basic fields in public non-profit sector data tends to be inaccurate, incomplete, or out-of-date. Working together, they want to improve the reliability of key non-profit sector data and ensure this valuable information is available for access and use by all who need it. The datasets shared and produced here will enable all sector stakeholders to perform more robust analyses, generate new insights, and improve their services for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

Projects and Data

An initial project in the scoping phase aims to expand the utility of the Humanitas dataset.
This dataset features nearly 2 million records with some or all of the following key fields:
EIN, Name, Description, Addresses
These will be updated regularly.

We’d love to hear from you if you would like to access and contribute to the improvement of these datasets - already among the largest and cleanest available - to ensure they contain the most current and complete descriptive information available about nonprofits.

Contact Kelsey Kramer at to discuss your needs!

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