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The power of transactional data

The GivingTuesday US project space is a platform of collaboration, where GivingTuesday leaders and researchers can securely share, access and process transactional data related to donations made in the US in the context of Giving Tuesday.

The tools and data available will support leaders as they direct and conduct research that will reveal trends, assist in benchmarking, and inform decision-makers. Beyond that, it will allow them to determine best practices, encourage giving, and generate new insights, for the benefit of the whole sector.

A wealth of useful documents, resources, information, and links will help users dig into data and tools present.

Contact Kelsey Kramer at [email protected] if you’re ready to join!

Resources available in the project space

Beyond the vast set of transaction data available from various platforms, the following are some of the tools made available to support user research and data analysis.

DataKind 990 Data Dives - 2017

DataDive Project Pad–AlAz94Eor~V6ta2XTsDWv6veAg-vo18dKCijntPdXeOnmEPy

Form 990 Organization Browser

GiveDirectly - Example Open Source Project Not #GivingTuesday related, but useful code for further use in other projects

SDG Machine Learning training data and model

PowerBI Dashboards

Available in Data & Outputs

  • Charity Info by Cause and ZIP
  • Donations to Cause
  • Transaction Trends

Research Review

Issues and Innovations in Charitable Giving

Research Review Database Database of sources for Research Review, with metadata

Data Commons Questions and Access

Want to find out more about the GivingTuesday Data Commons? Have questions about accessing this or any other GivingTuesday Platform project space? Send us an email at [email protected].
If you already have a username and password, the Data Commons can be accessed by logging in here: