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GivingPulse is a weekly survey designed to investigate a broad range of giving behaviors and sentiments. Survey responses will provide a unique set of timely insights into the state of generosity through nearly real-time monitoring and analyses.

With a view toward expanding the social sector’s notion of what generosity is and how it should be measured, the results of this survey will allow the sector to explore how various events, interventions, crises, and demographic factors impact or correlate with generosity, intentionally defined to encompass the diverse set of behaviors that people engage in to support others – financial and material donations, volunteering, advocacy, mutual aid, or other acts of giving that support individuals, social impact-oriented organizations, community groups, and causes.

Projects, Assets, and Data
  • Weekly cleaned and weighted data from the GivingPulse Survey
  • An interactive Looker dashboard allowing for data exploration
  • Data dictionary
  • Methodology and weighting insights

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